Can I restore my original hearing after wearing a hearing aid?

First of all, you need to know that the hearing aid can’t treat the deafness. The hearing aid is actually an auxiliary device, you are the same as the glasses.Wearing a hearing aidAfter that, you can hear the sound you could not hear.

You think that you have heard that it is not because your hearing has recovered, but that the hearing aid has compensated you for hearing. Therefore, many hearing patients or parents think that it is wrong to restore the original hearing after wearing the hearing aid. It is wrong. .

Secondly, hearing aids cannot completely replace our ears.

we are atWearing a hearing aidAfter that, you first need to get used to the new tone and sound. This is the accumulation of time. Secondly, many hearing patients have reduced their speech resolving ability due to prolonged hearing loss.Wearing a hearing aidAfter that, it is still very difficult to communicate with people. The family and friends around him have to pay attention. For the sake of understanding, when speaking with them, try to slow down the speed instead of raising the volume. Only slowly communicate to ensure that they can understand what you are saying.

On weekdays, you can also exchange more and help them train their words. As long as they practice more, they will become more and more skilled.

Wearing a hearing aid

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