Senile deafness

Senile deafnessRefers to the deafness caused by the aging of the auditory system, with data indicating60The incidence of elderly people over the age of one percent30about,70Years old40Left and right, and80Years old reached60.

When the old man is sufferingSenile deafnessIn the future, many accidents often occur because they cannot be heard or heard.

Especially when the elderly go out to buy food or go for a walk, becauseSenile deafnessI can’t hear the whistle of the car. It is very likely that the driver will not be able to brake and cause a tragedy. This kind of accident has not happened, and it does exist. Therefore, elderly people with poor hearing should be careful when they go out. It is best to be accompanied by family or friends.

Secondly, the elderly often have a lot of misunderstandings because they can’t hear the voices of family and friends. They can’t hear the family and often yell at the old people. The people who are over the house are impatient, and they will give people a quarrel. This will affect the harmonious relationship of the family to a certain extent.

There is also a kind of old-aged people who are more introverted. They will be inaudible because of deafness, and less and less people will communicate with each other. Slowly, they will have an isolated personality and dementia will occur.

Senile deafness

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