What if the hearing aid is not satisfactory?

After a long time, holding the expectation of the hearing aid, save a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars to buy a hearing aid, but after using it, I found that the communication effect is not satisfactory! The result is very frustrating. If you spend money and don’t say it, the confusion about future life is even more desperate! In this case, experts say that in fact, the two methods can make the hearing aid play a better role:

Hearing aids are not satisfied

  method one:Fine-tuning is very important. After the hearing aid arrives, the machine should be fine-tuned according to your audiogram. However, everyone’s situation is different. Some people may adjust to a comfortable state at one time. Some people have adjusted it many times. I believe that many users will feel embarrassed when they fail to meet the ideal requirements several times. If they are bothered to the fitter, they will only accept it! But because they will, they will bring it to themselves. A lot of troubles, and finally came to the conclusion that the hearing aid is useless.

Expert suggestion: After the first fine-tuning, you can take out the street and feel it. After all, the sound in the store and outside the store feels different. If you have the conditions, you can take it home for a few days. With more time, you can feel where it is. Right? Where is it wrong? Where to improve? Then come back to the fitter to give your opinion, such as the size of the sound, the noise level, the effect of the ear and the high and low frequency of the high frequency, etc., the fitter is based on you. The information provided is best fine-tuned.

  Method two:After all, hearing aids are machines. No matter how limited they are, they can’t be compared with natural ears. In order to achieve a better effect, you need to learn other auxiliary skills.

Expert suggestion: It is recommended to learn lip language skills, lip language has two meanings, one is to speak, use lip language to make their pronunciation more standard (聋 friendly, there are problems with pronunciation), the second is to look at the words, that is, look at each other The mouth is to know what the other party is saying, to see the audience, to use the ear to assist the communication! Generally, the friends who learn the lip language skills, because they can listen and watch, the effect of the hearing aid is very good! Lip language can be self-study I usually watch TV or I can practice on the mirror, but I need to be patient. Now I have lip software on the market. I can buy lip language software to learn, and it is more systematic and faster.

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