Why do you feel dull when wearing a hearing aid?

Wearing a hearing aidFeeling boring, blocking, the primary thinking is the occurrence of ear plugging effect. The occurrence of the ear plugging effect refers to the energy that should be vented through the external cartilage. Nowadays, due to the blockage of the hearing aid, it cannot be released. Finally, the residual energy of the air conduction and the bone conduction are superimposed, which makes the hearing aid wearer feel very stuffy. .

Wearing a hearing aidAfter the “boring” will make people feel very uncomfortable to solve the “boring” method usually has the following

1Select the open ear option to readjust the audio and gain of the hearing aid until the “boring” is eliminated or reduced

2If the power of the hearing aid is too small, it needs to be replaced with high power.

3If the soft earplugs are not smooth, you can wipe them clean with cotton; if there is moisture in the ear seat, you can disassemble the joint between the plastic guide tube and the horn joint, and then clean it with a cotton strip.

4Replace the aging soft earplugs in time and fit the size of your ear canal.

5InWearing a hearing aidThe hearing aid should be properly ventilated during the process.

6, purchase qualified, regular, high quality hearing aid batteries. It can also be solved by purchasing the machine’s fitting mechanism.

Wearing hearing aids

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