How to choose a hearing aid, can you wear a hearing aid if your hearing is reduced?

Hearing aids need to be professionally fitted. The fitting here refers to the hearing aids selected by the professional technicians, which are called the fitters. The principle is that the glasses are a match with us. Reasonable, so don’t be stupid to buy one on the Internet and just put it on.

Why do you say that you can’t buy it online? Each patient’s hearing loss is different, different degrees of hearing loss, different types of hearing loss, whether there is tinnitus, how to distinguish between auditory resolution, etc., before these reasons are determined. It can’t be worn casually, and it is for these reasons that different patients need to wear different hearing aids. Secondly, in terms of economy, habits, use environment and other factors, patients’ requirements for hearing aids are also different, so these problems need to be considered when fitting.

Secondly, the hearing aid brand, there are many models, there are many types, and how to choose which hearing aid brand, etc. is not able to solve the problem by the patient, we need our professional fitter to explain the choice for you.

If you didn’t follow these steps, what kind of problems would it be for the fitter to check the hearing for your hearing aid?

Obviously, you are not only uncomfortable after wearing, but you can’t guarantee that you can hear it clearly. What is more troublesome is that it may cause further loss of hearing loss after wearing for a long time, and there will be a phenomenon that we often say that the more we wear it.

Hearing loss

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