Can the ear come out after jumping into the water?

Whenever we swim or bathe our hair, we will see the water in our ears. If there is no protective measure, it can be said that it is inevitable. I believe that everyone has experienced the experience of entering the ear. We also know the ear. After entering the water, you can jump twice to let the water flow out.

So is this method really useful? Can the ear come out and jump two times to get out?

In fact, although this method works, it is not a test of Bailing, then it will teach you how to deal with some ears other than beating.

Ear water

1. Use a cotton swab to absorb water.
When our ears are in the water, the cotton swab is a good way to absorb water. I believe that when you go to the swimming pool, you will see a bucket of cotton swabs at the front desk. However, it is worth noting that when the cotton swab absorbs water, it needs to be slowly When entering the ear canal, when the cotton swab touches the water, it will automatically absorb the water and take it out.

2. Chew things.
This method is an action of chewing things in our body, forcing airflow and compression in the external auditory canal, so that the water flows out.

3. Active external auditory canal.
Continuously press the tragus with the palm of your hand or pull the external auditory canal, and then repeatedly open the mouth, move our ankle joints, let the external auditory canal skin keep moving, so that the water flows out.

4. lie down.
The ear that entered the water lay down on the side, using gravity to make the water flow out, if lying2.3If you haven’t come out yet, you don’t have to lie down. You can change the way.

5. Palm water absorption method.

The same water enters the ear down, then holds the palm of your hand against our ear, then quickly releases it, and tries a few more times, and the water naturally flows out.

6. Medical alcohol.
We can drip medical alcohol into the ear canal after taking a bath or swimming.3To6The drop is optimal, and after a while, the water will flow out and it will also play a role in sterilization.

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