Wearing a hearing aid to buy the feeling of ear nausea is why

After wearing the hearing aid, there are always some patients who complain that wearing a hearing aid feels ear suffocation, so what is the cause of ear nausea?

1. The hearing aid is not debugged. The patient did have an audition when purchasing the hearing aid, but due to the subjective factors and objective factors at the time, the results of the debugging were not accurate. Maybe in that environment, you could hear it clearly, but there was no feeling of ear suffocation, but it changed. In an environment, you feel different. Then there was a phenomenon of ear nausea.

2. A barrier to sound transmission from the hearing aid channel. This is mainly because the soft earplugs in the hearing aid channel system are blocked by ear wax, which causes the transmission of sound to be blocked. It sounds like a small sound, which causes ear nausea. This is also the most common and most common. Causes the ear nausea.

3. The hearing aid earplugs soften. Since the earplugs of the hearing aid are made of plastic materials, it will inevitably become aging and harden after a long time, resulting in a feeling that the ear canal is too tight to cause ear nausea.

4. airtight. This is because the patient wears it for too long, and the patient wears it for ten hours from morning to night. During this period, the earplugs are not breathable. The earplugs are closed for a long time, and the eardrum is invaded to cause ear suffocation. phenomenon.

Wearing hearing aids

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