Is deafness equal to hearing loss?

Many patients, including many family members, are not very clear about the relationship between deafness and hearing loss. Is deafness equal to hearing loss?

Actually not, there is a concept here, hearing loss refers to the attenuation of hearing ability, and deafness refers to severe hearing loss, so to some extent, deafness is greater than hearing loss.

Hearing loss is divided into four types: mild, moderate, severe, and extremely severe. Deafness and hearing loss have the same point. Both of them belong to a concept of hearing loss, but only have a grade.

Hearing loss will be more inclined to academic discussion, a communication word in the industry, and deafness is more common with the people’s exchange of hearing loss. You ask a grandfather or grandmother, they must say that deafness is more accustomed than hearing loss, and even they may not have heard the word.

Secondly, the 瞎 in the glasses is a corresponding word. In the daily communication of people, some people are more jealous of this word. They think it is a derogatory term.deafnessBut in some literature in EnglishdeafnessThis term refers to extremely severe hearing loss, relatively less used, and deafness is used.Hearing lossThis vocabulary, combined with the above, some people hate the word, so the Chinese listening mechanics changed the 聋 to hearing loss from the perspective of professionalism and respect for patients.

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