How often does the hearing aid need to be replaced?

How long does it take to change the hearing aid? In fact, the time of hearing aid replacement is not a fixed value. It does not need to change as long as the towel toothbrush is used. The replacement of the hearing aid needs to be determined according to many factors.

The life of a typical hearing aid is5 ~ 8Around the year, there will be differences depending on various reasons such as personal habits, hearing loss, hearing aid maintenance, and so on. So we need to consider these factors when considering whether the hearing aid is replaced:

1.Is your hearing aid currently working?
Hearing aids are highly sophisticated electronic products, so they need to be maintained and repaired frequently. After wearing the hearing aids, they will always exist on your ears, that is, exposed to the air, it will inevitably lead to some damage, what is the wind? Rain, collision and other factors lead to hearing aid damage, this time you need to repair, if the repair is good, then there is no need to replace it, in case there is still a fault in the repair, this time the hearing aid is no longer normal When used, we need to replace it in time.

2.Does your hearing aid meet your current hearing needs?

The hearing aids of hearing aids are different in different environments. You may be ok in a quiet environment. If you are in a noisy environment? Can you still hear it in the hospital, restaurant or on the road? Or can you hear the voice of the person inside the phone when you call? If you can’t go back to the place of purchase for debugging, if you can’t hear it after debugging, you need to consider replacing the hearing aid.

3.Whether your hearing aid can upgrade new technology.

When new technologies appear in hearing aids, do you consider upgrading your hearing aids to better hear the sound and experience better results? If your hearing aid can be upgraded on the current basis, then no problem, if not, should you consider replacing a hearing aid to enjoy the latest technology?

Hearing aid maintenance

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