Can massage also treat tinnitus?

tinnitusIt is a difficult disease, although there is no complete cure, but there are many ways to relieve tinnitus, including medication, treatment, wearing hearing aids, etc., here I want to say another, do not spend any Massage therapy at a price that can be treated anytime, anywhere.

1. Pressing the acupuncture points on the ear: Massage the sides of the palace with the thumb of both hands. The strength of the hurricane is generally as long as it feels sore. When pressing, pay attention to the mouth and open each mouth for one minute. Listening to the palace is located in front of the tragus, which is where you open your mouth. This point has the effect of replenishing qi, activating blood circulation and passing ear, and has certain therapeutic effects on ear diseases, especially tinnitus caused by various reasons. The Hurricane Point is located at the midpoint between the humeral mastoid and the mandibular angle behind the earlobe. It has the functions of dredging the collaterals, activating blood circulation and activating the ear, and has a good preventive effect on ear diseases.

2, 揉耳根: with the index finger on the front, the thumb on the front and back of the ear, a total of3Minutes to reach the roots. This method can effectively improve the blood circulation of the ear, especially for the high-pitched tinnitus caused by the inner ear ischemia can play a very good therapeutic effect.

3. Twisting method: twist the double lug and earlobe at the same time with your thumb and forefinger, top down3Minutes, making the ears hot. There are many acupuncture points and nerve reflection points on the ear wheel and earlobe. Gently twisting these acupuncture points to obtain benign stimuli can help improve the inner ear environment, promote the elimination of middle ear inflammation, and help maintain inner ear nerve function.

4, tiantian drum: 揉 two palms make the other party heat, then press on the ears, palms on the ear canal, four fingers attached to the pillow, slow pressure, slow release(Pay attention to relax to avoid pain in the inner ear)3Times, this counts again, a total of5Times. By changing the pressure in the ear canal, the middle ear is given a certain benign stimulation, and the bass tinnitus is also better treated.

5. Hurricane Pool: The Fengchi Point is located in the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the superior trapezius muscle on both sides of the posterior occipital bone. The best way to feel soreness and dilation is to press and rub with your thumb.1Minutes, three times a day. Pressing the hurricane pool can effectively increase the blood supply to the ear, and the best effect on neurological tinnitus.

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