Can I wear a hearing aid while exercising?

People always need to exercise, do not exercise there all day, and the probability of getting sick will increase. Exercise is important to us, so those who wear hearing aids can wear them while exercising. Hearing aid? Is there any impact?

Wearing a hearing aid

First of all, we need to know that hearing aids are likely to fall and cause loss or damage during exercise. These fears are reasonable, normal, and indeed, during the exercise, the hearing aids are likely to loosen and fall, but these problems are It can be avoided that we can use the sports hair band, the skeleton ear mold or some equipment that can protect the hearing aid during the wearing of the hearing aid during the exercise, so that these problems can be solved.

Some people may be in trouble, so they don’t wear hearing aids during the exercise. In fact, there is a certain risk in doing this. If you are a serious hearing loss, it is very likely that you will not wear a hearing aid. Balance feels the impact, and there may be no warnings from the coach or some important commands.

Many people will feel sweating after exercise, which will affect the hearing aids such as damp. This worry is normal, but now the hearing aids have a waterproof effect, as long as it is dry after the exercise, it will not have any effect, weekdays It is enough to dry the hearing aid.

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