What if I don’t care if the hearing aid falls into the water?

When you can buy a hearing aid, the fitter will repeatedly emphasize some points when wearing the hearing aid, and pay special attention to the hearing aid can not encounter vibration, drop, water, etc., because there are many complicated and sophisticated parts, fragile hearing aids Can’t bear these stimuli!
Everyone in the process of wearing a hearing aid will pay attention not to let the hearing aid touch the water, such as sweating, bathing, washing the hair, washing hands, swimming, etc., the principle must be allowed to avoid the hearing aid water failure. But what if we accidentally let the hearing aid into the water?
If the hearing aid falls into the water, remove the hearing aid from the water and remove the hearing aid battery. Do not use the hearing aid immediately to check if the hearing aid is still sounding. Because the hearing aid enters the water, the water will fill the limited space inside the hearing aid, and the water can be energized. Once it is energized, it will be short-circuited, otherwise the hearing aid will be completely damaged, otherwise it will be damaged. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the battery, dry the outer casing with a dry soft cloth, and dry it naturally, and dry it in the hearing aid drying box. Perform a simple drying process and check again. If you are not working properly, please contact the seller as soon as possible, or bring it to the hearing aid fitting center for vacuum dehumidification.

Hearing aid falling into the water

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