Suddenly heard? Be careful, it may be sudden deafness

I believe that there must have been some people who have experienced it. If you suddenly can’t hear it, you thought it was28The program of a company that was old was experiencing a high-intensity one-month job and suddenly found that his ears could not be heard. As a result, he went to the hospital to check it. The doctor judged that the work pressure was too high, causing sudden deafness.

Sudden deafness

Sudden deafnessAbbreviation for abruptness refers to sensorineural hearing loss that occurs suddenly and whose cause is unknown. Generally, it is mostly unilateral hearing loss, and most of them have vertigo, tinnitus and nausea.

Sudden deafness can be caused by many reasons. The above procedure is caused by sudden depression due to excessive work pressure and reduced immunity.

In fact, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Many people will cause various diseases due to work stress problems, even those who are dying, and those who hold computers to play games all day.3day2Night Internet addiction teenagers are also people who are prone to sudden deafness.

In addition, long-term in a noisy environment can also cause sudden deafness.

Especially those who like to play late at night, there was a patient who was an office worker and took a weekend break from the morning.8See more at night2.3Point, just watched the day, wearing a headset all the way to see tired after sleep, who knows the next morning to wake up, stunned.

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