What should I do if I don’t work well when wearing a hearing aid?

Some people always complain that the effect is very poor after wearing a hearing aid. What should I do in the face of this situation?

In fact, the hearing aid is just an auxiliary tool like our glasses. The earliest hearing aids became loudspeakers, but simply amplified the sound. Most of the hearing aids are now digital hearing aids. It is possible to selectively amplify sounds of different frequencies according to the hearing of each frequency and the needs of patients, and also to achieve noise reduction processing, of course, only a large part, there is still a small part of the simulator, that is, a loudspeaker.

Some patients will buy such simulators online for the sake of cheapness. The effect of wearing hearing aids is obviously very poor. In fact, in this case, my suggestion is to re-fit a hearing aid better. Not only do you listen to discomfort, but slowly you will find that your hearing has dropped.

If it is not good to wear the hearing aid after the normal fitting, then you must first check whether the hearing aid itself has quality problems, the debugging is wrong, the power is not suitable, if there is a problem, return to the purchased fitting center in time. , check and repair.

There is also the case that if you have a hearing loss in both ears, only one hearing aid is worn, and the effect is definitely affected. If it is better, then a hearing aid should be fitted.

Wearing a hearing aid effect

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