Can deaf people wear hearing aids?

Deafness, we also call hearing loss, the professional point is the hearing loss, the people are more inclined to say deafness, then is it possible for people who are deaf to wear hearing aids?

Under normal circumstances, as long as you have hearing loss and residual hearing, we can wear a hearing aid, and it is effective, hearing loss is reached.35 ~ 40Hearing aids should be worn when decibels.

In particular, some elderly people, the vast majority of the elderly have hearing loss, because the hearing organs will decline as we get older, but most older people think this is normal, at most, I can’t hear it, it’s totally inappropriate, so I don’t choose to wear a hearing aid. However, it is because of these thoughts that some old people will be too little to communicate with others because they can’t hear them. They are psychologically lonely and even suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, elderly people with deafness should wear hearing aids as early as possible, which not only can alleviate hearing loss, ensure normal communication, but also prevent the elderly from being affected in their later years.

So is there a person who is deaf but not suitable for wearing a hearing aid?

Indeed, although you have residual hearing, wearing a hearing aid will have an effect, but for those with severe or severe hearing loss, the effect of wearing a hearing aid is not so good, especially those with very severe hearing. Loss patients, they may only feel the vibration of the sound after wearing the hearing aid, but can not understand what is being said, and for these people, we generally do not recommend wearing a hearing aid, directly recommend the use of cochlear implants.

Wearing a hearing aid

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