When did senile deafness begin?

With the increase of age, the human auditory system will degenerate the auditory function due to aging, and even the sensorineural deafness caused by aging. This is the deafness of the elderly and a natural phenomenon of human aging.

When did senile deafness begin?

The age and progression of the disease vary from person to person. Some people are50There are hearing loss at the age of one, and some people still have good hearing at the age of eighty or ninety. This is related to genetic factors, living conditions, living environment, mental state, physical condition and other factors. Senile deafness is more common in men, urban dwellers, workers, alcohol and tobacco hobbies, and people with chronic wasting and cardiovascular diseases. Patients with senile deafness usually have low-pitched, high-pitched, unwilling to listen, slow conversations with others, and fear of noisy environments.

There are many reasons for affecting the hearing health of the elderly, and age is the most important factor. The related functions of the auditory system decline with age. Generally speaking,40-50%Of60Older people over the age will have a certain degree of hearing loss. To70Year old, this proportion will increase10%. To100When you are old, at least90%People will have deaf performance.

What should I do with senile deafness?

Senile deafness is mainly caused by the deterioration of the auditory organs. This is a constant law about living things, but the extent and speed of aging varies from person to person. So how can it improve if there is a hearing loss?

First, in order to improve living habits, ensure the law of life, pay attention to exercise. Pay attention to diet, especially high fat diet. In addition, smoking and drinking can cause small blood vessels to smash, affecting the blood supply to the inner ear, so as to give up smoking as much as possible, and there is a high level of white wine.

two.Avoid contact with strong sounds or noise. For example, keep away from firecrackers and do not use headphones in public places such as subway public places.

three.Actively treat basic diseases. Years of clinical practice have proven that effective prevention and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can improve the hearing of elderly deaf people.

Because old-age deafness is a process of gradual decline in hearing, it is difficult to find in the early stages of disease development. Therefore, it is best to have annual hearing tests, early detection and early intervention.

.If hearing loss is declining and affects daily communication, it is necessary to go to the hospital or hearing aid fitting center to check in time to select the appropriate hearing aid. Do not buy hearing aids that are not being debugged or use other people’s hearing aids online. Such hearing aids usually do not match the patient’s own hearing and can further lead to hearing loss.

Senile deafness

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