What if the hearing aid is very stuffy?

Some people with hearing impairment always complain that the hearing aid is very stuffy. The so-called “ear boring” means that the wearer has the feeling of “blocking”, “distortion” and “uncomfortable”, affecting the sound.

The main reasons for the “ear boring” are as follows:

1, improper adjustment of hearing range. Deaf patients have selected a suitable hearing aid to some extent when fitting the hearing aid. However, in the fine adjustment of gain and tone, the fitting professional is mainly determined according to the feeling of the wearer’s own audition. While the auditors were influenced by subjective and objective factors at the time, the audition feelings were not necessarily accurate, especially for the first-time testers. The result of such debugging is not necessarily applicable in another environment, and naturally there will be a phenomenon of “ear boring”.

2, the degree of hearing loss has changed. In general, 40’s physical condition after the age of one year is in a recession, as is the human ear. Therefore, after the hearing aid device is equipped with hearing aids, the hearing time may change, that is, the hearing device’s compensation has a “deviation”, such as audio changes or increased hearing loss, which will make the hearing aid “mismatch” and produce “ear boring” feeling. .

3, hearing aid channel transmission obstacles. Mainly in the channel system, the soft earplugs are blocked by ear wax (right angle elbow), and there is water and gas blocking, which makes the sound transmission blocked and the sound is small and the ear is stuffy. This is also the most common and most common cause of “ear boring”.

4, hearing aid soft earplugs are aging. Soft earplugs are made of plastic materials. When used for a long time, they will age (hard). If the ear canal is too tight, it will produce a “ear stuffy” feeling.

5, the nose is not smooth. Due to cold, rhinitis, etc. caused by poor nasal cavity, eustachian tube closure, resulting in uneven pressure in the ear (middle ear) outside (outer ear) and invagination, wearing hearing aids will have a “ear stuffy” feeling. 6, lack of “breathing”. If the hearing aid wearer wears it from ten hours to a few hours in the morning and evening, the earplugs are not ventilated in the middle, and the ear molds are closed for a long time.

7, battery voltage is insufficient. A battery that is of poor quality or has been in stock for too long does not reach the rated operating voltage of the hearing aid. When the hearing aid is not working properly (low sound), the wearer will feel “ear boring”.

How to eliminate the “ear boring” phenomenon of hearing aids? The following several methods are introduced for your reference:

(1) Adjusts the audio and gain. If the elderly friend feels inconvenient, they can go to the fitting shop by a professional.

(2) When the total power is small, replace the high-power hearing aid.

(3) dredges the blockage. The soft earplugs can be removed directly and wiped with a cotton swab. There is water vapor in the earplug seat. The joint between the plastic guide tube and the horn tube can be disassembled, and then the dry cotton is used to form a thin strip. The plastic guide tube can be used to suck the water vapor at the elbow.

(4) Replace aging soft earplugs in time and pay attention to the size.

(5) Deaf patients should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory diseases. If there is a simple ear mold retraction, you can clean the nasal cavity first, then squeeze the two nostrils at the same time to take a big breath, close your mouth and suffocate. At this time, the gas eustachian tube will enter the middle ear, and when the ear mold is heard, the finger of the nose will be relaxed, and the ear mold can be restored to the normal state.

(6) Properly ventilated. When wearing a hearing aid all day, the soft earplugs should be opened for about a few minutes at about 2 hours to allow air to enter the ear canal. This not only maintains the normal pressure inside and outside the ear mold, but also maintains the physiological state of the ear mold.

(7) buy quality batteries. When buying a battery, you should first check the battery’s production year and month. Generally speaking, if the battery is stored for more than 6 months, the effect will be worse. Some batteries have a short storage time, but due to poor storage environment, the battery will be prematurely disabled. Such a battery can be seen from the outside: there are stains between the positive and negative electrodes (marks of chemical reaction occur); the bottom surface is convex (high quality normal is flat or slightly invaginated)

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