How to test your baby’s hearing at home?

1.1Or3Infants within the month: the hearing value of the baby this month60db-70db. For sudden sounds, the baby will close his eyes or be shocked. Parents can observe if the child has this reaction.

Baby of the month: the hearing value of the baby is50Decibel to60Between decibels.The sounds that babies often hear during the day, such as the sounds of intimate people, or the sounds of toys that are often played, face these familiar sounds, and whether the baby goes back to find the source of the sound.

Month: The hearing value of your baby this month is40decibel-50Decibel, the baby will show a shock or crying reaction to the sudden loud sound nearby, and will actively look for the sound of the TV or replace it. Different sounds are produced when the channel is played. Parents can put a clock on the baby’s ear, and the normal hearing baby will turn his face to track the clock ticking.

Baby of the month: the hearing value of the baby this month30db-40db. Babies turn their faces to look for more subtle sounds and focus on louder sounds such as car sounds, rain sounds, and more.

Infant test hearing

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