How to prevent when hearing is not good

1A reasonable diet, eat less sweet, salty food, prevent arteriosclerosis caused by ischemia in the inner ear, leading to hearing loss.

2. Quit smoking and drink less. Because alcohol and tobacco have toxic effects on the auditory nerve, especially nicotine in tobacco enters the bloodstream, causing small blood vessels to sputum, slow blood flow, and increased viscosity, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, thereby promoting deafness.

3.Avoid noise. The noise makes the hearing that begins to decline more likely to fatigue, causing the inner ear microvascular to be paralyzed, reducing the blood supply to the inner ear and causing hearing loss. Therefore, listening to music, watching TV, listening to music on headphones should not be too loud.

4Avoid earing and massage regularly. Digging your ears is a bad habit that can easily hurt the ear canal and cause infection. Inflammation may even damage the tympanic membrane. Massage the sputum and hearing points before and after the earlobe can increase the blood circulation of the inner ear and protect the hearing.

5. Keep a good mood and do more exercise. Excessive fatigue and mental stress can cause ischemia in the inner ear and affect hearing, such as irritation and irritation. Usually participate in sports as much as possible, such as outings, walking, Tai Chi, etc., can promote systemic blood circulation and enhance the blood supply to the middle ear. Inner ear, delaying organ aging.

6.If there is a disease, especially an ear disease (such as otitis media), an infectious disease (such as meningitis, measles, mumps), a metabolic disease (such as diabetes), an autoimmune disease (such as sarcoidosis), it must be actively treated. Cardiovascular disease, especially cardiovascular disease in the elderly. The study found that it is a “preventive” measure to relieve the deafness process after actively seeking medical treatment after deafness and timely wearing a hearing aid after treatment is ineffective.

7To prevent congenital deafness.

8Use ototoxic drugs with caution.

9.Develop good habits. Bad habits, fatigue, staying up late, nervous, etc. can have a big impact on the ears.

Prevention of hearing loss

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