Which is good for hearing aids in Hangzhou?

With high-tech hearing aid products and professional and comprehensive hearing rehabilitation services, Jinghao medical Hearing Aids is dedicated to relieve hearing impairment for the hearing impaired at home and abroad, promote their communication with others and enhance their quality of life.

The US Stark Hearing Aid is the company’s flagship product. It is also used to facilitate the different needs of people from all walks of life: German Siemens, Canada Likang, Danish Resound, Swiss Phonak, Singapore Ou Shida and other famous brand hearing aids, a total of hundreds of varieties. Prices range from one hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan. Adapt to different ages, different causes, different degrees of deafness, tinnitus patients.

Use hearing aids: hearing aids,FMWireless FM systems or other devices that help communicate; tell the owner when you meet, you may go first, because listening for a long time can make the hearing impaired exhausted. At the same time, you can also tell the owner that you want to leave quietly and do not want to disturb other guests. Let yourself sit in the middle of a group of people so that you can easily hear and see everyone. Best, try to avoid sitting at the end of the table or couch.

If you can’t hear what others are saying to you, move closer. The distance from the sound source is shortened, and the natural law of sound will be amplified. It is of course easier to listen to what others say. At least weekly1Use a dry cotton ball to clean the ear canal and hearing aids. Keep the microphone and the sound channel clear, often clean the dirt and water accumulated in the earplug or ear mold pipe, and check if the microphone is blocked by foreign matter.

When the hearing aid is not in use, please open the battery door and put it into a closed dry box (the dry box should be replaced after discoloration), which can prevent the moisture in the atmosphere from entering the inside of the hearing aid, and also remove the moisture inside the machine – it is necessary! !

Taking a shower/洗头/Before washing your face and other activities, please remove the hearing aid and then carry out: If there is water in the ear after knowing the activity, you must use a cotton swab to dry the water in the ear canal before wearing the hearing aid (absolutely needed), otherwise the hearing aid may be damp.

When buying a hearing aid, the fitter will emphasize the precautions that are usually worn, especially the hearing aids are electronic products, mainly shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. Especially pay attention to waterproof. For example, sweating, washing your face, etc. should be taken down. But what if we accidentally make the hearing aid into the water?

First, remove the hearing aid battery. Never use the hearing aid again. Check the hearing aid for sound. Because the hearing aid enters the water, the water will fill up the limited space inside the hearing aid, the water can conduct electricity, and short circuit when energized, so that the hearing aid that is all right is completely damaged. So it is wise to remove the battery and perform a simple drying process before checking.

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