What should I do if I suffer from noise deafness?

Noise deafness is a phenomenon in which deafness is caused by the patient’s long-term acceptance or in a noisy environment that causes the ear to be stimulated by noise.

There are no specific treatments for noise deafness in clinical practice. Generally, physical therapy and surgical treatment are used.

For patients with noise deafness, the principle noise source is very important. In the weekdays, we need to protect our ears from hearing, away from the noise source. If you still have tinnitus, don’t pay attention to him. The more you pay attention, the louder the tinnitus is, the more you maintain a pleasant mood, and eat more immune-enhancing foods.

If you are working in some large factories or machinery factories, the noise pollution in those environments is quite serious. Once you find that you have noise deafness, leave those environments in time, and then check your hearing. How many decibels the hearing loss has reached, if it is reached40When decibels and above, it is recommended to wear a hearing aid. Wearing a hearing aid can protect the residual hearing.

At the same time, for those patients with noise-induced deafness, they should not work in a place with high noise environment in the future. When wearing a hearing aid, they can also eat some health foods and treat them.

Noise deafness

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