What happens if hearing loss does not interfere in time?

Many people think that hearing loss is an hour. Anyway, it is a little bit of the back of the ear. It can’t be heard. It’s totally inappropriate. It can be dragged and dropped. If you don’t treat it, you don’t have treatment. I don’t think there is any relationship, but in fact, after hearing loss, Timely intervention, the consequences are much more serious than you think.

Assistant Scientist, Epidemiology, Bloomberg College Jennifer A.Deal PhD and her colleaguesReed More and more detailed relevant data is disclosed. The report states: Compared with people with normal hearing,10Mid-year, every100Among those who are not hearing aids,3.2People suffering from dementia, higher than the normal group50%Incidence rate;3.6A person falls and is injured, which is higher than the normal group.30%;6.9People suffer from depression, which is higher than the normal group40%.

Hearing loss

When you find that you have hearing loss, you need to see a doctor in time to determine the cause of the hearing loss and then targeted treatment, and those who have been in a noisy environment for a long time, for various reasons can not leave this environment, I recommend that you can buy a pair of noise reduction earplugs, which can effectively reduce30The noise of decibels needs to be taken seriously for your own hearing health.

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