How to maintain children’s hearing aids

1.Awkward damage

Blockage of the deafness is the main cause of damage to the hearing aid receiver. The Chinese cockroaches are generally dry. When they talk, chew, and walk, the vibrations will gradually fall out of the ear canal, but some people will still stay in the ear canal, especially after wearing a customized machine. The cockroach is blocked and cannot fall off normally, so “desperate” can only enter the receiver, and the child’s hearing aid will seriously block the earpiece and cause unnecessary loss to the hearing patient.

Regular cleaning of the hearing aid receiver requires the efforts of the dealer and the user. Don’t underestimate the small deafness, which may bring you huge losses and inconvenience. If you do a good job of cleaning, you can save a lot of maintenance costs.

2. Water vapor hazard

One of the biggest enemies of hearing aids is water vapor. It is well known that water vapor enters the hearing aid from the gap between the battery storage door and various adjustment buttons and accumulates in the hearing aid, affecting the internal circuitry of the hearing aid, resulting in failure to function properly. Therefore, when using it on weekdays, be careful not to let the surrounding water vapor enter the hearing aid, and be careful not to adjust the hearing aid with wet hands or let the hearing aid rain.

So it can be seen that it is very important to note that the child’s hearing aid can keep the ear canal dry. When the hearing aid is not in use, it should be placed in a desiccant to absorb water vapor from the machine, which will give your hearing aid a longer life.

Child hearing aid maintenance

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