It is important to prevent hearing loss from eating.

Hearing often causes hearing loss due to age or exposure to noise, disease, or drugs. Medical research has shown that eating the following common foods often helps to restore and maintain good hearing.

1. 富含PCarotene and vitaminsAfood. Such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, fresh oranges, etc. Carotene and vitaminsAIt can provide nutrients to the inner ear’s sensory cells and middle ear epithelial cells, and enhance the activity of the ear cells.

2.A food rich in zinc. Such as fish, lean meat, beef and mutton, dairy products, beer, yeast, sesame, walnut, peanut, soybean, brown rice, whole wheat noodles and so on. Zinc promotes fat metabolism and protects the blood vessels of the ear artery.

3.A food rich in magnesium. Such as red dates, walnuts, sesame, bananas, pineapples, mustard, day lily, spinach, kelp, seaweed and miscellaneous grains. If magnesium deficiency in the ear artery affects the function of the ear artery, it can cause hearing damage.

4.Rich in vitaminsDAnd calcium food. Such as bone soup, skim milk, calcium tablets and so on. VitaminDAnd calcium, not only can maintain small bones in the tympanic cavity, strengthen the ear bones, avoid osteoporosis-like otosclerosis, but also purify the ear artery and improve ear function.

Blood food. Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis can dilate blood vessels and improve blood viscosity, which is beneficial to maintain the normal microcirculation of small blood vessels in the ear. Can often eat black fungus, leeks, red wine, yellow wine and so on.


1Reduce fat intake

Clinical studies have found that long-term intake of high-fat foods can increase the blood lipids of tinnitus and hearing impaired people, and increase the blood viscosity of hearing-impaired people, causing blood circulation disorders in hearing-impaired people. Tinnitus and hearing impaired patients are worsened, which is not conducive to the recovery of the hearing impaired. So in general, tinnitus, hearing impaired people should eat less animal viscera, fat, cream, egg yolk, caviar, fried foods and other fatty foods.

2Forbidden to eat pickled food

Tinnitus, hearing impaired people should also avoid pickled foods, because their salt content will affect the condition of the hearing impaired, so tinnitus, hearing impaired people try to avoid eating too much salty food.

3Forbidden to eat candy snacks

Tinnitus, hearing impaired people should also ban candy snacks, because these foods contain high sugar content, which increases the viscosity of human blood vessels, which is prone to blood circulation disorder, and finally leads to a lack of auditory nerve nutrition, which seriously affects tinnitus. The condition of the hearing impaired person will also aggravate the symptoms of the hearing impaired. Therefore, tinnitus and hearing impaired people try not to eat or eat less sugary foods.

Prevention of hearing loss

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