How do we prevent otitis media?

Otitis media is divided into acute otitis media and chronic otitis media, which is a common disease in the otolaryngology department.

Acute otitis media is an acute suppurative inflammation of the middle ear mucosa, which is most common in the eustachian tube. After a cold, inflammation of the pharynx and nose spreads to the eustachian tube. Mucosal congestion and swelling of the eustachian tube and eustachian tube impede ciliary movement. Pathogenic bacteria invade the middle ear and cause otitis media. Common pathogens are mainly pneumococci, Haemophilus influenzae, etc., so preventing colds can reduce the chance of otitis media.

Incorrect methods of blowing your nose can also lead to otitis media. When some people snoring, they often use their fingers to hold the sides of the nostrils and blow them out. Not only does this method not completely blew the nose out, but it is also dangerous. The nose contains many viruses and bacteria. Stress can force the nose into the posterior nostrils and reach the eustachian tube, causing otitis media. Therefore, you should promote the correct method of blowing your nose: use your fingers to hold the side of your nostrils, use a little force to pull the nose out of the opposite side, and use the same method to rub the other side. If the nasal cavity is clogged and the nose is not easy to come out, you can first drop the chlorinated nasal drops and then get it in the nasal cavity.

If the baby is breast-feeding in the supine position, the child’s eustachian tube is relatively straight, and the lumen is short, the inner diameter is wide, and milk can be introduced into the middle ear through the eustachian tube. Therefore, the mother should sit down while feeding the child, hold the baby in an oblique position, and suck the milk vertically.

In addition, swimming should avoid swallowing the entrance cavity, so as to prevent water from entering the middle ear through the nasopharynx and causing otitis media. Traumatic tympanic membrane perforation, it is forbidden to drip any liquid, so as not to affect wound healing. In order to avoid the occurrence of infectious otitis media, the external auditory canal can be closed with a sterile cotton ball.

Otitis media

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