Does wearing a hearing aid cause discomfort?

Most patients who wear hearing aids for the first time have a phenomenon – discomfort.

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, mostly symptoms such as headache and dizziness, which varies from person to person.

When we first wore a hearing aid, it was another process of adaptation. It needs to be gradual. Generally speaking, we wear it every day.2.3You can take it off when you feel uncomfortable. Don’t force yourself to continue wearing it. Wait until you wear it for a few days.3.4Hours, after you get used to it again, continue to add time, and so on, until you fully adapt.

Under normal circumstances, the adaptation time of wearing a hearing aid is about1To2About a month, but the specific time depends on the patient’s hearing loss, personal adaptability, age and other factors. In the case of the same hearing loss, the older the age, the longer the adaptation time will be. So there are some old people if3If you haven’t fully adapted to the month, don’t worry, just take it.

Secondly, the discomfort that occurs when wearing the hearing aid is also likely to be caused by the hearing aid not being in place. In this case, don’t wait for yourself to adapt. Go to the hearing aid fitting center and let the fittings there re-commission. Then some patients wearing in-ear hearing aids will feel the phenomenon of ear plugging and ear suffocation, as long as the hearing loss is not too serious, generally70Decibels can be solved by opening the holes in the hearing aid.

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