What to do after suffering from otitis media

Early treatment of middle ear mastoiditis not only reduces complications, but also maintains good hearing.

1.Early treatment includes external ear canal and middle ear local cleansing, medication and ear bath treatment.

2.Acute exacerbations require the use of systemic antibiotics.

3.Long-term ear bleeding suddenly reduced or bloody mud, or accompanied by headache, earache, fever, dizziness, facial paralysis and other symptoms, indicating deliberate changes or internal and external wells. Patients should go to a specialist hospital as soon as possible, and if necessary, imaging and hearing tests. Some patients require surgery.

Mastectomy for tympanoplasty refers to complete resection of the lesion under the operating microscope, different surgical methods according to the severity of the lesion, and reconstruction of auditory nerve conduction as much as possible, including tympanic membrane repair, autologous ossicular chain repair and artificial osseointegration reconstruction. Allow patients to get better hearing at the same time.

Otitis media

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