Need to debug frequently after buying a hearing aid?

1.Patients who wear hearing aids for the first time are often commissioned at an early stage.

2.Because hearing aids are worn after hearing loss, after wearing a hearing aid, you need to integrate them into your life. It takes time to get used to it. The adaptation process and the time are also different from person to person. Don’t say that others have adapted to it in a month. Why haven’t I adapted to it in two months? Don’t worry, you and others have different hearing loss. of.

3.Any discomfort during the wearing of the hearing aid can be returned to the fitting center for commissioning at any time. There is no hard time to adjust how long to adjust, how many times to adjust, if there is no discomfort, there is no need to debug.

4.Recommended every3Go to the fitting center for maintenance,6Months to the fitting center to retest the hearing. The fitter will advise you based on the hearing conditions you have checked out.

Buy hearing aid debugging

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