Can you take out the foreign body in the ear canal?

For children, the common things in the ear are: small insects, small iron beads, small glass beads, small yellow beans, small red beans, small stones, small paper balls, etc. These are all small things that children can easily get. Don’t think that only the child’s ear will be slid into the foreign body, and occasionally there will be small foreign objects in the adult’s ear. When an adult’s own ear is dug, a cotton swab or other item is often used; during the operation of digging the ear, the cotton on the cotton swab is easily dropped into the ear and then left in the ear. Small insects can also be mistaken into the ears of adults. When a small foreign object enters the ear, which part of the ear does it usually rest?

The ear is divided into the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear;The outer ear includes: the auricle and the external auditory canal. This part of the structure is what we usually call “ears”;Small foreign objects that enter the ear usually fall into the external auditory canal. The external auditory canal starts from the bottom of the ear canal and stops inward in the tympanic membrane;It is mainly divided into two parts: cartilage and bone;The outer third is cartilage, hair follicles, parotid glands and sebaceous glands here.;We need to dig the deafness that is produced by the cartilage. External auditory canalYESBelongs to the bones. The junction between the cartilage and the external auditory canal is very narrow, called the isthmus;After a small foreign object enters the ear, it is easy to stay in this part. There are foreign objects in the ear canal. Can we take it out?

Some people try to remove foreign objects with a toothpick or a paper clip after they enter the ear, but they often fail; instead, they put foreign objects deep into the ear canal, which may cause rupture of the tympanic membrane and hearing loss. In this process, the external auditory canal is also prone to skin damage, and if not treated in time, it may cause secondary infection. So the best way to get into the foreign body in our ears is to give it to the doctor to let them help you out of the ear canal.

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