Hearing has dropped, will he recover if he does not wear a hearing aid?

Some time ago I saw such a problem on the Internet. One patient said that he had been hearing loss for a while, and then asked if his hearing would slowly recover if I didn’t wear a hearing aid.

In fact, this problem is really thought for some lay patients, but unfortunately, I can only tell you that after hearing loss, if you do not wear hearing aids in time, your hearing will only continue to decline, will not recover. .

Our auditory hair cells are all grown when we were born, and once they have hearing loss, they are irreversible.

If you have a hearing loss, don’t expect this to slowly recover. Especially those patients with sudden deafness, they feel that it is a sudden, just a little while, but in fact, sudden The best treatment time for sexual deafness is72Within hours, if you don’t treat it in time, it will cause permanent hearing loss, which can’t be recovered in a lifetime. So when we find that we have sudden deafness, go to the hospital in time and don’t delay.

No matter what causes your hearing loss, as long as there is a problem, you can’t delay. Deafness and tinnitus are intractable diseases. You must treat it in time and wear a hearing aid as soon as possible. The hearing aid can not only help us compensate for hearing, let us hear the original hearing. Unseen or inaudible sounds can also protect our residual hearing and avoid further hearing loss.

Secondly, many people will feel that hearing aids will wear more and more. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. Wearing a hearing aid correctly will not make our hearing more declining. If you are interested or not at ease, you can wear a hearing aid. After the time, go to a hearing test and you will find that the result of the check is the same as before wearing the hearing aid, so there is no need to worry about this.

Wearing a hearing aid

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