Popular Science: What is the auditory nerve?

The auditory nerve is the nerve fiber that innervates the hair cells of the cochlea. It is concentrated in the spiral ganglion located on the cochlear axis and connected to the bone spiral plate. Most of them are bipolar neurons of the myelin sheath (IThe composition of the type of neurons, that is, the auditory nerve consists of a central process of bipolar neurons located in the spiral ganglion of the cochlear axis and a spiral plate of bone, which are arranged in a certain cochlear direction. The fibers are regularly arranged in their initial position in the cochlea to form a cylinder. The fibers at the top of the cochlea are located in the center of the auditory nerve, and the fibers from the lower fossa are located in the periphery of the auditory nerve. The ear listens to nerve fibers in the periphery. The ear canal is the same as the vestibular nerve fiber.

In the spiral ganglion, the peripheral protrusion of bipolar cells(Multiple protrusions)Radially enters the bone spiral plate and then reaches the spiral cell to receive the stimulation of the auditory impulse.

The auditory nerve is distributed in the spiral phase, and the ratio of the number of nerve fibers to the number of hair cells in the outer hair cells is completely different. Most of the nerve fibers of the auditory nerve and a relatively small number of inner hair cells (3,500) associated with only a small number of nerve fibers and a greater number of outer hair cells (15,000)Associated.

Auditory nerve

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