The benefits of wearing a hearing aid

Everyone knows that hearing loss is classified into mild, moderate, severe, and extremely severe. The nature is divided into: conductivity, sensorineural, mixed, and central. After wearing a hearing aid, it has a certain effect. But some customers always say that when the voice is heard, it is not clear. Everyone needs to know that hearing and hearing are two different concepts: hearing is a physiological reaction; listening to it is a physiological plus psychological reaction. Listening clearly, that is, the problem of speech resolution. The conduction path of the sound is processed from the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear cochlea, the auditory nerve, the central nervous system, and finally to the center of the brain. In particular, the speech resolution of patients with sensorineural and central paralysis is even worse.

The most basic function of wearing a hearing aid is to amplify the sound for you to hear. Just as we learn English, listen more, accumulate, and generate memories in the brain, we naturally understand. Hearing loss for many years, has a strange feeling for many words, sentences, and sounds. In the daily verbal test of speech resolution, when I read words such as: eating, sleeping, working, etc. to the tester, they usually answer correctly. When reading words that are not generally used, such as: fitting, prosperity, evacuation, etc., most of them are wrong. There are also phenomena in which the flute is read as a hoof, hidden as a check, and the poet is read as a private person. Of course, in addition to their own problems, today’s all-digital multi-channel hearing aids, in the improvement of advanced technologies such as noise reduction, compression, frequency shifting, etc., will also help patients in terms of verbal clarity of each frequency.

When we have determined the hearing loss, we have selected a hearing aid that suits you (must be in the regular hearing aid fitting center). The next job is hearing rehabilitation, and the fitter will work with you. Although the hearing aid will not increase your hearing loss, it will delay the decline of your hearing. After a period of wearing and speech and sound stimulation, the speech resolution will definitely increase. In other words, as long as you keep wearing hearing aids all the year round, you will be able to hear more clearly than you heard before. I hope that everyone with a hearing aid will not only need to wear a hearing aid when they need it. The voice is everywhere, and it will benefit if they persist.

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