I found several phenomena of my hearing loss

Hearing loss has become more and more common in our lives. For various reasons, various bad habits, such as wearing headphones for a long time, work stress, life stress, etc., many young people suffer from hearing loss, then on weekdays. How do we know if we have hearing loss?

1.I often can’t hear what others are saying.
When chatting with friends or family members, it is often unclear or unable to understand what the other person is saying when chatting with friends or family members. It is often required to repeat. Do you have this phenomenon?

2.Can’t hear the doorbell or the phone
Have you ever found that you often can’t hear such sounds?

3.Increase TV volume
When watching TV, does your family often complain that you have turned the TV volume too loud?

4.Increase your own volume
When our hearing declines for a long time, our voice will increase. Do you have this phenomenon?

5.I can’t hear the other person’s voice when I’m on the phone.
There is no problem in daily communication, but you can’t hear it when you make a phone call. Do you have such a phenomenon?

6.I can’t hear you when you talk to others.

When you are facing away from others or others are facing you, will you not hear it?

When we find that we have these problems, we have shown that we have hearing loss. We need to go to the hospital in time to determine the level and nature of hearing loss, and then carry out targeted treatment.

Hearing loss

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