Does hearing aid maintenance cause damage to the machine?

This is a very interesting question I have seen above. Will hearing aid maintenance cause damage to the machine?

My first reaction is definitely not, but after careful consideration, it seems that some customers have sent their hearing aids to the maintenance problem, so I can only say that the correct maintenance method will not damage the hearing aid. .

The last time he was a grandfather, he took a bath at home, did not wear it when he took a bath, and when he just put on the hearing aid after washing, the hand did not hold steady, the hearing aid fell, and the result was just next to the basin. The hearing aid fell in, the uncle reacted quickly, and immediately got it up, then quickly wipe the surface of the hearing aid with a rag, until it was still full, then just put the hearing aid in a dry box and dry it. But who knows that the uncle is afraid that the dry box will not dry, take a hair dryer and blow it, and as a result, the hearing aid will have a problem.

When our hearing aid falls into the water, the correct way is to quickly take out the hearing aid and then wipe the surface with water on the rag. Then put it in the hearing aid drying box. If you are not at ease, you can go back to the hearing aid. Inside the center to carry out vacuum dehumidification maintenance of the hearing aid, and then let the fitter check your hearing aid for any damage. Do not use a hair dryer or dryer to dry the hearing aid, this will only cause secondary damage. The machine is damaged.

Hearing aid maintenance

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