The higher the price of the hearing aid, the longer the life expectancy?

Many people think that the more expensive the hearing aid is, the longer it takes to use it. However, this is a very wrong concept.

The price of the hearing aid has little to do with its service life. How long does it take for a hearing aid to be bought? It depends on how much you care. In general, the life of a hearing aid is5 ~ 8About a year, of course, as long as you are well maintained, use a10The year is also appropriate.

It’s a hot summer, like our southern summer is a rainy and hot season. For hearing aids, the most important thing is to protect against moisture and sun. Some people who don’t know how to care for hearing aids will choose after the hearing aid enters or damps. Let the sun shine directly to dry the hearing aid. However, this is a rather wrong technique and will only cause secondary damage to the hearing aid.

The correct way should be to remove the battery in time after the hearing aid is damp or water, then dry the surface water stains, and then put it into the dry box dedicated to the hearing aid for drying. If you are not sure, you can bring it back to the fitting center. Vacuum dehumidification to ensure complete drying.

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