Tinnitus level classification

Tinnitus is an intractable disease. I believe that everyone does not want to have tinnitus. Tinnitus will not only affect our lives, but also cause deafness after a long time.

Many of us who don’t have tinnitus may not know what tinnitus is. Tinnitus is the sound that you can hear from outside. It is very loud in a quiet environment. There are many kinds of tinnitus sounds. The more common one is the humming sound. Door bells, wind, and train sounds.

Tinnitus is the same as noise.

According to the loudness classification, it can be divided into seven levels:

0Level: no tinnitus;

1Level: Tinnitus loudness is slight, if not;

2Level: Tinnitus is slightly louder, but certainly audible;

3Level: medium loudness;

4Level: Tinnitus is louder;

5Level: Tinnitus is very loud and has a sense of noise;

6Level: The tinnitus is extremely loud, which is equivalent to the most noisy noise experienced by the patient, such as the noise when the aircraft takes off.

When we are unfortunate enough to suffer from tinnitus, we should promptly treat them, early intervention, early treatment and early recovery, don’t scream and tinnitus, feel the sound looming, and it will not be treated when it is very small. The time is getting serious and it is very difficult to treat.


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