Why can’t you wear other people’s hearing aids?

I believe that colleagues working in the hearing aid fitting center must have encountered such a problem: my friend has a hearing aid but I feel very uncomfortable when I wear it. Am I not suitable for wearing a hearing aid?

In fact, other people’s hearing aids are not suitable for others to wear. Different people have different hearing loss, and the effect of wearing a hearing aid is naturally different. Hearing aids are selected based on hearing conditions. Just like glasses, you need to perform the fitting and use it.

In fact, the choice of hearing aids is more complicated than glasses, and for each person their type of hearing loss is not necessarily the same and the degree of hearing loss is different. Therefore, hearing aids require a professional fit for each person, after various hearing tests.

So, what is the fitting process for hearing aids? First, you need to understand the patient’s hearing impairment (such as hearing inaudible), whether there are high blood pressure and other diseases that may affect hearing, whether there is a history of ear surgery, and the expectations and special needs of hearing. The fitter needs to check whether the patient’s ear canal is normal, whether it is red and swollen, and whether the tympanic membrane is intact by electric otoscope to prove that it is suitable for wearing a hearing aid.

Then the fitter will perform a hearing test for you, and then choose the appropriate hearing aid according to the results you check. At the same time, you need to listen to the hearing aid yourself. It only sounds clear and comfortable to wear. Hearing aids.

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