Several protective measures to avoid noise deafness

Noise is not uncommon in our lives, so many people suffer from noise deafness, so here we teach you a few protective measures to prevent noise deafness.

1.Know the noise
We need to know the level of sound, how many decibels it is, it is noise, as shown below

Noise deafness

70Above the decibel, we can be considered as noise. By the way, our daily exchange of decibels is40To60about.

2.Stay away from noise
Knowing the standard of noise, we need to stay away from noise. Many times we are asking ourselves for problems. Now many people like to listen to songs. Usually they will wear headphones, but you will be in a quiet environment. In the bus, on the subway, these are also in the noisy environment, and then in order to hear the sound, the sound will unconsciously increase the volume, and the time will definitely hurt the ear. So we have to follow when we wear headphones.66Principle, the volume of the headphones does not exceed60%, wear time does not exceed60minute.

3.Pay attention to diet

Eating is very important. Many diseases are eaten by us. They also include hearing loss, less greasy food, more salty polysaccharide foods, more fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in trace elements. There are many such kinds, I will not Introduced one by one.

4.Take good protective measures
If you can’t get away from the noise source for work or other reasons, you can choose to wear noise-reducing earplugs. These earplugs can effectively reduce30The noise around the decibel is used to protect our ears.

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