What is the cause of sudden tinnitus?

What are the causes of sudden tinnitus?

1. Hearing fatigue. Now the trend of young tinnitus is obvious. For example, I have tinnitus, but I should not belong to hearing fatigue. It should belong to the latter one. Usually, hearing fatigue is caused by excessive use of the ear, such as listening to music for a long time wearing headphones. It is recommended that we should be moderate and not to listen to music with headphones for a long time.

2. The effect of electromagnetic radiation. I may belong to this kind of thing, because long-term contact with the computer, plus, every day need to answer a lot of business calls, causing tinnitus. Call more than5In minutes, it is easy to damage our auditory nerve hair cells.

3. Tinnitus caused by other lesions. Some chronic diseases can also cause tinnitus, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and cerebral infarction. If you have tinnitus and exclude excessive use of the ear, you should pay attention to it and go to the hospital for a corresponding examination.

When we have tinnitus, there is no need to worry too much, actively carry out treatment, maintain a good attitude, your mood is more annoying, the music pays attention to this tinnitus, the tinnitus will be louder and more annoying.

Sudden tinnitus

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