Is the ear canal inflamed, can you wear a hearing aid?

In the hot summer, we take a shower at home, and it is easy to let the ear canal enter the water and become inflamed. Then many of the hearing loss patients wearing hearing aids will ask, if my ear canal is inflamed, Continue to wear hearing aids?

First of all, everyone can rest assured that although the hearing aid can not be worn after the ear canal is inflamed, it does not mean that the hearing aid can never be worn. What we have to do is to treat it as soon as possible. Naturally, it is impossible to wear a hearing aid during treatment. After the end, the inflammation can be eliminated and the hearing aid can continue to be used.

However, some patients will worry, will I cause inflammation after wearing a hearing aid?

In fact, as long as you have no inflammation, wearing a hearing aid will not cause inflammation of the ear canal, but patients with otitis externa or otitis media need to do a good cleaning work in the process of wearing a hearing aid, not only the cleaning of hearing aids. Also includes the cleanliness of your own ear canal.

Another thing to remind everyone is that when your ear canal is inflamed, don’t pin your hopes on your own recovery, or treat them as soon as possible. If you have a long time, you may cause deafness and tinnitus, and you will lose your time.

Wearing a hearing aid

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