Reasons for the decline in hearing of the elderly

For them, most of the elderly suffer from hearing loss, so what are the reasons for their hearing loss?

1. Auditory organ degeneration
The auditory hair cells in our auditory organs have been fully grown when we were born, and they are only increasing, so there are many senile deafness patients whose hearing loss is due to the aging of the hearing organs. Caused.

2. Various types of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Many people do not know that some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can also cause hearing loss in the elderly, such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral infarction, etc., and investigations have shown that senile hearing loss70%All patients have atherosclerosis.

3. Drug side effects
Many elderly people suffer from some sickness diseases. Because they have more diseases and eat more medicines, most of them have side effects. In the process of use, they will affect our hearing more or less. Some patients with chronic nephritis have to use some ototoxic drugs because of the disease, and these drugs have different degrees of damage to our hearing.

Senile deafness

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