Why can’t hearing aids be recognized like glasses?

In our traditional view, wearing a hearing aid is considered quite a faceless. People with hearing loss are reluctant to choose to wear a hearing aid, perhaps because he feels that the society has a certain degree of prejudice against people with hearing loss, or that it is a sign of a disabled person, and therefore is unwilling to choose to wear it.

In fact, hearing loss, like myopia or hyperopia, is one of the most common health problems in our society. Unlike people who wear glasses, many people with deafness are considered by others to be disabled and a blind man, but this is simply because they sometimes can’t hear the exact sound.

At present, wearing glasses is not considered a shame, but will be considered a fashion. Wearing hearing aids is still not widely recognized by society. On the one hand, this is because people have more demand for glasses. On the other hand, glasses have a longer history than hearing aids.

However, the popularity of hearing aids like glasses is only a matter of time. With the rapid development of society, more and more people suffer from hearing loss, and the number of people wearing hearing aids will increase.

Wearing a hearing aid

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