How long does the hearing aid battery last?

Most hearing aids use small batteries, and a small number of hearing aids are used for charging. We don’t use rechargeable hearing aids here, only hearing aids with small batteries.Hearing aid batteryHow long can it last?

Under normal circumstancesHearing aid batteryThe larger the patient’s hearing loss, the longer it can be used. Of course, there are some factors such as brand and environment.

A675 battery is generally used6-50
day,Most use20-30

A13 battery is generally used6-30
day,Most use10-20

A312 battery is generally used6-18
day,Most use8-15

A10 battery is generally used5-12
day,Most use7-10

These models of batteries are for your reference. There may be a few days of deviation. You should not worry too much. It is a normal situation.

When ourHearing aid batteryWhen there is no power, remember to replace it in time. If the battery is left in the hearing aid, it will be in an over-discharge state. This situation is very likely to cause the battery to leak or expand, thus damaging the hearing aid itself. Some parts, so we need to replace them in timeHearing aid battery.

Hearing aid battery

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