Hearing aids are not “true ears”

Some users don’t like the hearing aids after they buy them. They feel very dissatisfied because they expect too much before wearing the hearing aids. They think that wearing a hearing aid can be the same as a real ear, but this is not the case. of.

Hearing aids are actually just an aid, not for our “true ears”. They feel that they can understand what others are saying after wearing a hearing aid. This is unrealistic.

We need to know clearly that “hearing” is different from “understanding”. What is the role of hearing aids? It is to amplify the sound and then let us hear it. This is the so-called “hearing”, but the “understanding” is done by the language recognition center system in our brain, which is not with our ears. Oh, so you want to understand that you need a language training in the later stage.

In fact, we can imagine hearing aids as prostheses, dentures, and these are all auxiliary products in our lives. No matter how expensive it is, it can’t be the same as the original one. It can only be as close as possible, so before we buy hearing aids. There must be a reasonable expectation. The auxiliary tools are only auxiliary tools. They can only improve, improve our life when we listen to the loss, and cannot become the same as the real one. Therefore, the hearing aid is not a “true ear.”

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