What is the process of wearing a hearing aid for the first time?

Try it on: If you have never used a hearing aid, you will feel that the sound you hear is slightly different from what you usually hear, and you will be a bit unaccustomed. There are several reasons for the change in sound. First, the sound is amplified; second, in order to create your hearing conditions and reduce the interference of environmental sounds, the hearing aid circuit design intentionally strengthens and weakens the intensity of certain frequency sound signals; in addition, the entire frequency range of the sound signal is compressed . Therefore, it is normal to feel the change in sound. As long as you stick to it, you will soon adapt to this change.

If you have worn a hearing aid before, you can compare the difference between hearing aids when trying on: comfortable and beautiful wear, soft and clear sound quality, delicate shape, easy to operate. However, there are also a small number of users who are accustomed to the sound characteristics of the original hearing aids and will feel a little different when using new hearing aids. In this case, please be sure to explain it in advance with our staff. Since hearing aids are tailored to your hearing situation, long-term wear is usually better than non-custom hearing aids.

When you wear an in-the-ear hearing aid for the first time, many people will feel that their voices are loud and sometimes even echoed. This is the result of normal bone conduction hearing enhancement. As long as you insist on wearing it for a while, this feeling will soon disappear.

Adaptation: Like glasses and dentures, wearing a hearing aid has a gradual adaptation process. The length of adaptation depends on the person. Some people no longer wear hearing aids because they have not passed the adaptation period, which is often caused by the poor quality of hearing aids. Customized hearing aids do not suffer from long-term failure to accommodate patients.

The key to adapting hearing aids as quickly as possible is gradual progress. Gradually from several aspects: daily wear time;Hearing distance;signal type;Listen to the sound environment. Time should be from short to long;The distance should also be short and long, and the environment is quiet and noisy.

We recommend that you select the signal sequence in the following order: face-to-face dialogue;3-4
Dialogues; telephone calls; listening to radio or television; attending small meetings.

People have different requirements for hearing aids. Some people want to solve the difficulty of talking face-to-face with hearing aids; some people want to wear hearing aids at executive meetings; others just want to hear the motor sounds of cars behind them. No matter what your purpose is, there is one thing to pay special attention to: no hearing aid can be compared to real ears, of course, it is impossible to expect hearing aids to help you resume normal hearing! Hearing aids are effective, but their function is limited.

The limited range of hearing aids varies from person to person. Some people can talk to people through hearing aids, make phone calls, watch TV, and even participate in small meetings, while others can’t. This depends mainly on the degree of hearing loss of the user.

During the adaptation period, please contact the Center if you have any questions. Maybe you think that simple questions are very important.

Re-commissioning: Hearing aids that the hearing aid fitter initially adjusted for you may not be able to achieve the desired results to the maximum extent possible, so after a period of time, even if you think you are satisfied, it is necessary to re-adjust. You can go back to the fitting center and let the fitter re-test your hearing aids to get the best results.

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