Why are children suffering from otitis media so high?

Otitis media is always more common with children, so what are the reasons for children to have otitis media so high?

The first point. Respiratory tract and diseases of the nasopharynx.

Colds, rhinitis, pharyngitis, etc. are very easy for children to develop otitis media. This is because the child’s eustachian tube is too thick and short, and it is very straight. When you have a cold, it will produce a snot. The snot contains a lot of bacteria. These bacteria will As the eustachian tube flows into the middle ear, it causes otitis media.

Second point. Swim.
Many parents will learn to swim when they are young. This is not a problem in itself, but when swimming, water is easy to enter our ears and nose. If hygiene is not in place, it is easy for us to let us A cold has otitis media.

The third point. Excessive fatigue.
Although children are instinctual, but you also need to ensure adequate sleep and rest time, it is also very important in the diet, to ensure a healthy diet and proper exercise.

fourth point. Go out

China has a large population. There are many people on the roads in any city. Avoiding children in densely populated and poorly ventilated environments can easily lead to otitis media in children.

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