How long can a hearing aid last?

When we buy a hearing aid, one of the questions that I will definitely think about is how long the hearing aid can last.

In general, the life of the hearing aid is5 ~ 8Around the year, factors such as the hearing aid brand will vary depending on the individual’s usage habits. Of course, as long as your hearing aid is in place, use a10Year is no problem.

Usually, we need to pay attention to keep it dry when using the hearing aid. In the bath, wash your hair and wash your face, you should remove the hearing aid in time to avoid water ingress. In rainy days, you should pay more attention to avoiding the hearing aid raining and easy sweating. We, remember that sweat falls to the hearing aid and needs to be wiped out in time. The sweat contains urea, salt and other substances, which is more aggressive to the hearing aid than normal water.

Avoid hearing aids from colliding and falling. When the hearing aid is damaged due to falling, it should not be dismantled and tested to avoid secondary injury. You need to return to the fitting center in time to let the fitter check your hearing aid.

Keep the hearing aids in maintenance and return to the hearing aid fitting center for maintenance. There is no regulation on how long it must be, and it can be done regularly.

Hearing aid maintenance

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