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Several causes of deafness

Deafness is one of the more common diseases. It can be said that there are many inconveniences in daily life after deafness. Here are some reasons for the deafness of children.

To rule out congenital deafness, we only discuss the reasons for acquiredness here.


In daily life, some strong external injuries, such as traffic accidents, direct injuries, and fan-lights, can cause damage to the internal tissues of the ear. If children have the habit of frequently digging their ears, it can also cause ear canal damage and affect hearing.


Living noise is also a major cause of hearing loss in children. If the child lives in a noisy environment for a long time, the auditory cells will gradually become damaged. In the long run, there will be hearing loss, and after a long time, you will suffer from noise deafness.


The ototoxic drug is the eighth pair of cranial nerves (auditory nerves). Nearly one hundred kinds of ototoxic drugs are known, such as aminoglycoside antibiotics, macrolide antibiotics, salicylic acid antipyretic analgesics, antimalarials, and the like. Among them, the ototoxicity of aminoglycoside antibiotics is the most common in clinical practice.

Because some parents do not know the dangers of ototoxic drugs, high doses of ototoxic drugs may also cause hearing loss in children for a long time.


Adults always think that children are very easy to live, but in reality children are now more stressed than we think. This kind of stress sometimes comes not only from the family but also from society. Stress, fatigue, etc. can lead to decreased immunity, endocrine disorders, local vascular congestion, etc. Long-term accumulation may affect hearing.


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