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Nearly 11 billion people worldwide will suffer from hearing loss, and the chief culprit is it

2019to construction completion.2Month2At the time of the day, the World Health Organization released a shocking news: global near11100 million young people are about to face hearing loss, here11Among the billion people,12To35Old people are near50%The main reason is long-term exposure or exposure to noise and environment.

Because of the long-term exposure to noise, the hearing loss is called noise deafness.

Walking on the street, on the bus, on the subway, listening to songs with headphones, there are so many people who are brushing the drama, maybe you are reading one of the articles, but in these noisy environments, we want to hear the headphones. The only way to increase the volume is, but you don’t know that as your volume increases, your hearing loss becomes more and more serious.

I don’t know if you have any feelings. When you first started using headphones, the volume only needs to be2Grid, slowly turned into3Grid, then became4Grid, it has now become5Ge, the original you5The volume is noisy for you, now you5The volume is “comfortable”, but this is what represents your hearing is not as good as before.

Incorrect use of headphones for a long time causes damage to our auditory hair cells, which eventually leads to a gradual loss of hearing and causes noise deafness.

Some people have to say that they are not mentally active without headphones.

In fact, it is not for you to use headphones, but to let you use the headphones correctly. In a quiet room, try to turn down the volume. You can just listen to it, go out, such as subway bus, it is best not to use headphones, this kind of noisy environment If you use headphones, you will inevitably turn up the sound.

Also remember one we often say66In principle, the volume does not exceed when using headphones.60%, use time does not exceed60Minutes, when you have earache or a slight drop in your hearing, immediately remove your headphones and let your ears rest.

For your own ears, in order not to suffer from hearing loss and noise deafness, please use the headphones correctly to protect your ears.

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