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Tympanic perforation is not terrible

The tympanic membrane is one inside our middle ear, high0.9Centimeter, wide0.8Inside, thickness is about0.1A translucent sheet of millimeters.

When we improve the tympanic membrane perforation, it will be terrible. Many people think that the tympanic membrane is perforated, and it is deaf. It is actually not what everyone thinks.

There are many causes of perforation of the tympanic membrane, such as noise, trauma, and diseases in the ear.

The tympanic membrane perforation caused by noise is because high-intensity sound waves break through our tympanic membrane.

Trauma is very common, often with these news, a careless parent is angry with the child, a slap in the face, causing the child’s tympanic membrane perforation, this perforation will make the patient suddenly feel earache, hearing will immediately decline, and will also be accompanied by tinnitus, while A small amount of bleeding and nausea will appear in the ear canal.

The most common disease in the ear is the perforation caused by inflammation, which has pus out in the ear.

Then, after piercing, it is actually not scared. It is not as serious as everyone believes. The small perforation of the tympanic membrane will be repaired by itself.1In the course of a month, it will heal itself. If it is a large area of ​​perforation, it needs to be repaired. As long as it is timely, there will be no serious consequences.

Tympanic membrane perforation

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